We are a home based, smoke free cattery situated in Windsor, CO.  We take pride in our cats which come from top bloodlines. We love our cats very much, and completely dedicated to their health, wellness, and superiority. We are devoted to ensuring that all cats are happy and friendly, so kitten buyers like you will enjoy them as pets!

About the Breed

The Siberian is a native cat of Russia. It can be found in snowy forests, back alleys of some of Russia’s largest cities and on the icy plains of the Taiga River. Little is known about their early history and development, but the earliest known reference to a longhaired Russian cat is from 1000AD and they have existed in Russian fairy tales and folklore ever since.

The first Siberian was imported to the United States from their homeland in 1990. They are known as loving, intelligent and beautiful household pets that love playing with – and in- water!

It is said that the Siberian cat’s heart is as warm as its homeland is cold. IT is true that the Siberian is a cat that loves people and wants to be with them. It is not shy with strangers and it is happy to play host, chatting away in charming trills and chirps. It tends not to be as needy as some breeds, but will welcome your attention when you’re ready for  snuggles.

There are two types of Siberians: the traditional which are calico in coloring, tabbies, bi-colors and solids. The other variety is called color point or “Neva Masquerade”, both for the Neva River in Siberia and the mask-like appearance of the color point. These cats have stunning blue eyes and their extremities can be tipped in gray, red and brown.

Their athletic build supports their reputation for being exceptionally agile jumpers. Their full neck ruff and triple very water-resistant medium-long coat helped them deal with the harsh Russian winters. This, coupled with their dog-like personality, makes them an energetic, fun-loving feline. They tend not to be shy with strangers, as is so common in some cat breeds. They are a loyal, affection and playful breed.
The Siberian has a medium long coat that is resistant to matting and luxuriously soft.  They are naturally healthy and easy-keepers. 



  • Activity – 6
    How lively is the cat. (10 would be a busy, active cat)
  • Playfulness – 8
    How much the cat needs or desires to play with its owners or other animals. (10 would suggest a cat that needs a lot of playtime with you and other pets)
  • Attention – 5
    How much the cat will need human attention. (1 would refer to a cat that did not mind spending a lot of time alone)
  • Affection – 7
    How loving and adoring they will be toward their owner. (lower the rating, the less affectionate)
  • Communication – 3
    How much the breed tends to meow. (higher the rating, the more the cat will like to “talk” to you)
  • Health – 9
    Healthy overall a breed tends to be. (10 would refer to a cat that has few genetic weaknesses)
  • Grooming – 3
    How much will you need to groom the breed. (1 would suggest little grooming on your part)
  • Children – 8
    How well a cat interacts with children. (high rating is a cat that should be in a home with children)
  • Pets – 8
    How well a cat interacts with your other pets. (low rating would indicate a breed that should not be put into a household with multiple pets)
  • Please keep in mind that a cat will not be loving to someone who isn’t loving to it, even if the cat is determined to be of a very loving breed.

Our Guarantee to you

All our kittens will come already pre-spoiled, healthy, loving and well socialized with many children and a small dog.  With your additional love they will earn their way into your heart as a loyal companion and lifelong friend. Our kittens are raised in and among us, so they are used to small children, vacuum cleaners, guitars, a dog etc. Our kittens grow up each day socialized by our active and loving sons, ages 11, 8 and 5 year old twins – and of course all their friends. As with most pets, Siberians, with early exposure to children, will grow up with a special understanding and gentleness for these “little people” and their bonding with a child will grow into a lifelong friendship that will last into adult. Additionally, Siberians have often been purchased specifically as company for the family dog.  After being exposed to our gentle Yorkie from a very early age, our kittens are acclimated to dog behaviour (sniffing and playing) and can more easily grow into your dog’s lifetime companion and friend.

After you’ve taken your kitten/s home, we will always be available to give advice and to help with any issues that may arise – for the lifetime of your cat.  We will also work with an owner to re-home a cat, at any time or age, should this become necessary.

We take every possible precaution in selecting our breeding stock, providing a clean environment, good nutrition and excellent veterinary care for our cats and kittens. All kittens come with a 2 year health guarantee.

NoCo Siberians is a member of the TICA registry. All of our kittens are registered with the TICA. We hold the TICA papers until proof of spaying/neutering has been received.
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