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No current litters at this time

*see more pictures on the Gallery page


Our next litters will hopefully be in the spring 2018

Previous Litters

Hope & Crosby’s litter born 9/30/2017 (2 red silver classics (like their Daddy), 1 seal point, 1 silver mackerel and 2 torbies (like their Mama)) – pictures taken at 4 weeks :

Pictures at 5.5 weeks (named after characters from the Heros of Olympus book series):

Hephaestus (male) Silver Mackerel:

Piper (female) Not quite as puffy as Leo, a bit darker red and white nose & paws:

Her (male) Torbie/mackerel – not quite as puffy as Hazel and white on paws:

Hazel (female) Torbie/mackerel – puffier than Hera and a bit more brown with light tan back paw:

Leo (male) Lighter and puffier than Piper:

Hedge (male) Seal point:

Sierra & Crosby’s litter born 10/4/2017 (2 light/muted torbies, 1 silver mackerel (like Mama), 1 full white/light color point, 1 blue color point) – pictures taken at 3.5 weeks:

Pictures taken at 5 weeks (named after Pokemon):

Ash (male) A bit darker than Pidove with striped tail and much larger :

Oshawott (female) Muted Silver Mackerel with a bit of tan:

Pikachu (female) Muted Silver Mackerel with a bit of tan and bi-color nose:

Pidove (female) lighter with white tip on striped tail, much smaller than Ash:

Venusaur (female) Muted Silver Mackerel:


Sierra & Eger’s litter born 4/6/2016 (Malkin, Crosby, Fleurry & Sidney)
All in their forever homes 🙂

0406161329 0406160710 0406161315a 0406161316a 0406161326

3 weeks old and SO sweet!

Crosby-2 DSCN2917-2 DSCN2918-2 DSCN2929-2 Fleury-2


4 weeks old, growing and exploring like crazy

DSCN2960 DSCN2985 DSCN2992 Malkin4weeks (2) Sydney4weeks (4)

Loving playing with Hope & Rosie:

1 Year:

Huxley (Crosby)                            Flurry                                  Sydney

Sierra & Eger’s litter born 10/3/2016 (Luke & Leia) – all in their forever homes
First minutes:


3 weeks old:


Hope’s April 1st litter (Wade, Brett, Rainbow, Brooke & Sunny) – all in their forever homes

Hope had her first litter April 1st — which is SO Hope to have them on April Fools Day! 🙂  5 total with 3 girls and 2 boys…they are all healthy and growing fast, and Hope is a super attentive and patient Mama! <3


Sierra’s May 29th litter

Sierra had her litter in the wee hours of Memorial Day from 3-6AM. She continues her pattern of 2-4-2-4 kittens with 4 kittens this time.  4 boys — that were not very forthcoming is the final count… 🙂  They are nursing like champs and Sierra is being her usual attentive self.

Welcome to the world: Percy, Grover, Zeus & Poseidon

Two will go to wait list –which ones will be kept for stud fee and cattery growth is TBD, but we’ll keep you updates as soon as we know!