Wait List & Deposit

We operate from a wait list for our kittens, and the wait list moves along quickly. Customers will ALWAYS have the opportunity to “pass” on a current litter for any reasons (timing, sex preference, color preference, etc.) If you decide to get on our wait list, our litters are currently born 2 times a year and are ready to go to their forever homes usually in June/July and December/January.

Our kittens leave our home around 9-11 weeks of age and have a 2 year health guarantee.

To reserve a kitten or to get on the waiting list, please contact us through the web form and we will get back to you usually within 48 hours.  We ask for a $300 deposit per kitten which is 100% refundable at any time, should you change your mind or find another kitten you like better elsewhere (minus any fees). Deposits can be made with a check by mail or with PayPal or Venmo online (using PayPal balance or bank account – if you’d like to pay with credit card, PayPal will charge a small additional fee).


Our “pet” kitten prices range between $1150 after deposit (not including deposit; must be neutered/spayed @ ~6 months) for most and $1300 after deposit (not including deposit) for Nevas and color points.


If you live out of state, we DO ship domestically via sending the kitten with a personal courier that will carry your kitten into the airplane cabin with them to your nearest airport. Shipping is an additional $400-$600 to cover costs of transportation – if airline tickets or are exceptionally high there might be more of a wait, or a higher cost.

If you are interested in international shipping, please feel free to contact us as each country is unique in procedure and cost.

Pet Cats Must Be Spayed or Neutered

All of our pet cats must be spayed or neutered – this should be done around 5-6 months of age. If you live in the Northern Colorado area, Fort Collins Spay and Neuter Clinic provides this service for a highly reduced rate throughout the year. Otherwise use your family vet. All kittens will receive their purebred TICA papers once verification of sterilization has been submitted.