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  1. CaFa
  2. KrRa
  3. AmAl
  4. LaDe
  5. ViSm
  6. JoJo
  7. PaAl
  8. AnMe
  9. VaBu
  10. DeTa
  11. CaAt
  12. KeRu
  13. LiMc (2)
  14. SaRo
  15. LiMa
  16. MeBr
  17. SuWe

*potential current litter choice (in order)

Please Note: Position/Number on the wait list does not directly correlate to number of kittens born as we may at times use an additional kitten from a litter for growth and diversification of our cattery (couple to few litters a year max usually).  We will try to post as soon as we can how many kittens were born per litter and how many will go to the wait list.