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Sierra lives in our home with us and is a very loving mother who is always aware of her babies, but also very playful and LOVES to cuddle – just not with our Yorkie, Rosie 🙂 She plays with her kittens daily, and allows Rosie & Hope to check out and play and often groom her kittens.


Hope as kitten - NoCo Siberian Kittens For Sale
Hope is Sierra’s cousin, she came to us as a kitten and is very playful, inquisitive, strong and loving – and she certainly has her own viewpoint of any situation and isn’t afraid to show it!  She lives in our home with us and is fast becoming Rosie’s & Sierra’s best pal. She is a very caring and attentive mama who like to bring things to her kittens to show them.  She has taken her auntie roll to Sierra’s kittens very seriously.


Natasha will hopefully have her first litter for the 2018 spring season. She is a Neva Masquerade Siberian kitten who is so soft and fluffy it’s hard to believe!  Very calm and super affectionate, she loves to take naps on laps for hours (if allowed).


Bella is a new addition to our cattery as she was one of Hope’s first litter therefore she won’t be ready to have a litter of her own until early summer 2018. Bella is a muted calico and always keeps us laughing and guessing what she’ll do next.  She and our yorkie, Rosie, have formed quite the special relationship and we can’t wait to see her as a Mama herself!



Lila is a new addition to our cattery. Lila is a complete sweetheart with the softest fur that rivals Bella’s.  She loves to cuddle and has kept us laughing with her affinity for socks…if left out, they won’t be where you put them, and she even climbs into my sock drawer to find her “prey” of choice! 🙂




Crosby joined our cattery in July 2017 and is a huge ball of love and snuggles.  He is mostly white with fire tips and copper eyes.  He also has the recessive gene for color points, so we’re super excited to see what his babies with our queens will look like!  He will be our sire for most, if not all, litters from now on.


Eger lives in Westminster with our breeding partner Mile High Siberians.