Before you bring your Siberian kitten home, there are several essential things to collect or buy.

“Must Have” Shopping List:

  1. Cat food
  2. Food and water bowls
  3. Litter, litter box, and litter scoop
  4. Scratching post or board
  5. Cat carrier
  6. Toys

Here are a few products that we’ve field tested and love – or customers have suggested:


The only “store bought” food we use is Life’s Abundance Pet Food for our cats and kittens — both dry and wet. As well as treats (they go bonkers for them)

Find it here:

All Stage Premium Health Food For Cats - Choice Canned Cat Food -


If you’re in a pinch and need to grab food fast, we suggest Royal Canin. Just remember when changing to a new food it will likely upset their tummy for a few days at least (& you’ll have to clean their litter box & potentially backsides a bit more)


These are all the toys our cats & kittens go *bonkers* over 🙂


If you’d like to build an outdoor “catio” this is what we’ve used:

Litter Etc.:

We love these boxes b/c then you never have to touch the dirty litter, go slow and they work awesome!

*Tip — buy your box then spray the bottom with NeverWet and it doesn’t stick (as much) to the bottom when trying to clean!

All good for when you’re traveling and need to set up additional boxes:


We don’t generally groom our cats, as it’s not necessary b/c they take care of it by themselves. But occasionally they’ll get a knot or some people like to shave their backside a bit.

Behaviour Issues & Safety

To deter/stop scratching.  They fall off after a couple weeks, you clip their nails and glue them back on. We’ve found that putting them on just a few times usually squelches the urge to scratch and then they move to the scratching posts (which is a sign that they might need their nails trimmed)

For the Home & Allergens

I have these, but have yet to try them out…but customers say that if they have visitors coming that are *super* allergic to cats (and therefore potentially part of the 20% that will show signs even with Siberians), they will spray these in the room they’ll be sleeping in and they don’t have problems or have lesser problems – and it works for up to a couple weeks (as long as the cat is kept out of that room after spraying as well)

If you’re a crazy cat person like us 🙂