Your Kitten Soul Mate

How to choose a kitten that’s right for you – a note from our partner cattery Mile High Siberians who have been raising and loving kittens for over 15 years:

“Over the few years I have been breeding Siberians, I have met probably a hundred people by now, including everyone from buyers trying to find their perfect match in a kitten, to those individuals that simply passed through our home looking at the kittens.

It is sometimes a mystery why one kitten will be selected over another. At times, it is simply LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT for both kitten and buyer. Other times, it seems just a matter of chance and good timing. I have seen buyers overwhelmed with trying to find their kitten soul mate in a room full of identically colored babies. Some buyers are so totally focused on a single color or sex that they forget to consider the kitten’s personality.

I can honestly say there is no right or wrong way to pick your kitten. One lady who picked her kitten based on color and sex emailed me a few months ago and sent us some delightful pictures. She’s had her kitten for a year now and she relays to us “She’s as BEAUTIFUL as she is mean, ” I was instantly concerned about whether they were happy with their purchase or not… so emailed her back apologizing that she didn’t get more of a “lap cat”. I got an immediate response back… “We love her just the way she is but she is definitely one who knows her mind.” Kittens just seem to have a way of squirming into your heart even with the personality quirks that each one comes with. It’s impossible to predict a kitten’s personality when the buyers are leaving deposits on kittens that are only 5 days old… these buyers have no choice when they feel forced to pick them at that age so they can “get one” before they are all taken! So for the buyers picking the newborns…coloring and sex is the logical way to pick your kitten.

For our local buyers that are choosing older kittens (4-8wks old) it seems the buyer steers to the one that keeps coming back to them…so the kitten picks the owner in this case! One may climb up on their lap and sleep during the whole visit while the rest of the litter entertains the buyer. The buyer inevitably will pick the one that slept on them during the visit! What is it about a sleeping baby that is soooo cute that it steals a person’s heart????!

So whatever situation you may find yourself in…picking a newborn or older kitten; picking from across the country or being able to visit our cattery in person I just want to personally assure you…YOU CAN’T GO WRONG! There is no right or wrong way to pick your kitten soul mate!”

Best wishes as you search for YOUR kitten soul mate…

Mile High Siberians